Renew Air Duct Cleaning provides duct cleaning services in Long Beach and LA County. We offer commercial, industrial, retail and our brand-new service, sanitizing air ducts. Renew Air Duct Cleaning has been servicing Long Beach and LA County for many years and offer the most affordable duct cleaning services. Our consumer recommendations promote themselves.

Renew Air Duct Cleaning is a State & County approved vendor and is here to serve the area. We will gladly provide recommendations along with specs upon request.

Does your air seem dirty? We remove toxins and contaminants from any air duct system.

Fast, reliable and honest certified technician will get your air duct system up and running at an affordable price. Call us today for a free quote!

Renew Air Duct Cleaning is State & County approved and is ready to serve you. We will be happy to provide recommendations along with specs upon request.

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Renew Air Duct Cleaning is the best air duct cleaning service in the Long Beach area…


Commercial Duct Cleaning requires specific skills and equipment to tackle large & complicated…

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Dryer Vent Cleaning  Long Beach cleans manufacturing & governmental facilities…

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Renew Air Duct Cleaning We have several years of experience dealing with duct systems and can overcome nearly every issue on the job. From cleaning up the air in your house to providing a much better environment at work, Renew Air Duct Cleaning assures to do the task right.


Most people are now aware that indoor air contamination is an issue of growing concern and increased visibility. Numerous companies are marketing product or services planned to enhance the quality of your indoor air. You have most likely seen an ad, got a coupon in the mail, or been approached by a business providing to clean your duct as a way of improving your house or business indoor air quality.

  • the size of the system to be cleaned
  • system accessibility
  • climatic region
  • level of contamination